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Meet Mary Dionisio Roberge, Licensed REALTOR in VA.

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Where do you go to get away?

The beautiful, serene Outer Banks areas and more quieter sections. The soft sand under my feet, breezes on my face coming off the water . . . paradise. Also, my parents' house on the quiet bay of Ocean City. The sounds of the lapping water against the dock, beautiful air and solitude takes me away. So many years and childhood vacation memories stem from there, and my own girls are now experiencing the same. The circle of life, so important."

What/Who inspires you?

“My parents (almost 85 and 88) do and my own two, beautiful daughters (18 and 20) do in completely different ways. My parents have been married for 62 years, and their love and respect for one another and ethics and morals are incredible. Many others who know them say they are also their own role models, and their love amazing. My Dad adores my Mother and vice versa, and they know how to rely on one another, seek each other's opinions, share their love and resolve any problems that have come their way during their lives together - which they have had many hardships. Their unwavering dedication to me, as one of 6 children, moves me to tears . . . I could only hope to live up to some of what they have given to me and shown/taught me - I pray I can or will provide the same love and support to my two daughters who also inspire me. Watching them take on the world, becoming excited about life and what it can bring . . . dancing like you don't care, sing when you have no voice, and to cook for someone else and make them smile. I am watching them, and I admire them both more than they know - because they inspire me . . . still and since toddling around together. They inspire me to encourage them, because I see how talented they both are and in doing so, each day they share or show me something else unique in them that does inspire me."

What sets you apart from other REALTORS®?

“My instinct is to say my staging abilities (I do it all myself, and don't charge more) or my previous real estate background with law firms for years working for major law firms in the corporate sector, but truly, what my clients tell me . . . and what means the most to them (and me) has been my passion for what I do. I can't help myself - Real Estate has been my life/career starting out so very young, and I know I am doing what I do for the right reasons. I have to make a living, and I am very good at what I do, but seeing my clients or hearing how they feel about the transaction or telling me no one could have handled their big life's purchase or sale better, brings me an amount of satisfaction, it's hard to describe. I know I am also very ethical (thanks Mom and Dad!) inherent in me, and walking that straight line allows me to rest my head on my pillow at night, regardless of the outcome of a transaction. Lastly, I'd not be answering fully if I didn't add that my "relationships" with not only my clients but with other Realtors sets me a part. I treat people, clients, friends, family and someone I meet on the street in a way I've been told makes them feel like they are the only client, and I am kind. Life is too short to treat someone any other way, and people notice and expect that from you. Why else would they choose you from all of the many Realtors out in this world - thanks Mom and Dad."

Who in the world would you help buy a house and why?

“When asked by a local Newspaper a couple of years ago, I responded in the same way . . . Barbra Streisand. She started out as my singing idol in 9th Grade, and I would listen and listen and get wrapped up in her songs and their lyrics. The "passion" thing again, and I LOVE music and to escape and love all things artistic there even though I also have this analytical/numbers side to my brain. They balance each other out, and Barbra Streisand's music put me on that path. I love and started staging my properties for clients who needed my help years ago too, and I love her style and how she incorporates such unique (yet meaningful) touches into her homes and is inspired by them. I was inspired by a single piece of fabric I held onto for years, and I created my entire home around it. A home, and her homes, to me should invoke a sense of comfort but also be a place where others want to visit and I want to entertain them. The home (for me, everyone is different) and my home says "Come in, sit down and relax . . . let me serve you some food and thank you for visiting." I am 1/2 Italian and that cultural side is probably coming out here too . . . it would be a gift to represent Barbra Streisand and a dream in my profession."

What are the five things that you cannot live without?

“Dancing around the house (with my girls often) or out :), taking the time to be creative and cook with music on, having quiet down-time to snuggle in front of a real fire, being in the water or on the water and finally, getting my hands in the dirt and planting flowers and veggies. Watching them grow and cooking with them."

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